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Hit me again I can still hear him! The secrets of superb public speaking

Book title: Hit me again I can still hear him! The secrets of superb public speaking


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More About "Hit Me Again! ... I Can Still Hear Him!":

Has it ever occurred to you that it’s odd, very odd, that at practically every conference you attend almost all of the speakers are terribly boring? And even those who are half-decent are nowhere near as interesting as when they chat to their friends in the bar afterwards?

As you sit in the audience trying to concentrate on what the speaker is saying, but knowing you can’t and that you’re actually falling asleep, has it ever occurred to you that all the people around you are experiencing the same problem?

You’re never alone, never the only person who can’t pay attention. Everyone is trying hard
not to fall asleep.

The irony is that every one of those boring speakers has probably been advised or trained to present well. They don’t want to bore you. They want to entertain you—but they fail miserably.

In this book, John Miers explains his singular approach to business speaking – helping speakers discover how to be less self-conscious and more natural while communicating.

Including sections on:

- The Principles of Effective Speaking

- Preparing Your Talk

- Deliving Your Talk

- Making Youself Better

Now for sale for the first time, and only available through this website, John Miers’ book is an indispensable tool for all those who want to become a better public speaker.

Paperback, 118 pages - April 2009
ISBN: 978-578-01223-0
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