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Hit me again I can still hear him! The secrets of superb public speaking

Book title: Hit me again I can still hear him! The secrets of superb public speaking


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Praise for "Hit Me Again! ... I Can Still Hear Him!":

John Miers has written the definitive narrative on speaking in public in this concise and very readable book. This is not only a practical guide to the essential elements of public speaking, but also offers unique insights into personal development and achieving greater levels of self
confidence, in general ... In my view this is a must read for anyone aspiring to further develop a career in business, politics, or any responsible position of influence in today’s world.
— Jeremy Hobbins, CEO, LiFung Trinity

What took you so long to write the book? 16 years ago, as chairman of an international investment bank, I disliked public speaking. John Miers, through his simple and logical approach allowed me the luxury of actually enjoying public speaking.
— Campbell Deacon, Chairman, Azure Dynamics
(World leader in hybrid electric commercial vehicles)

With John Miers’ help, you can wake up your audience, not put them to sleep, all by using your own natural speaking pattern and rhythm.
— Senior Banking Executive in Asia

Who would have thought that being smooth and polished is a sure way to send your audience to sleep? John Miers writes as if he is delivering a great speech.
Judge of the Court of Appeal, Canada

This little book breaks the mould of advice on speaking skill. For the first time, someone has written about the listener’s needs, rather than the speaker’s. John has written a refreshing and fascinating book. Best in class!
— Managing Director of Investment Fund in Hong Kong


Paperback, 118 pages - April 2009
ISBN: 978-578-01223-0
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